Can You Bring Ceramic Mugs on a Plane?

It’s okay to travel with your ceramic coffee mug. I mean, that’s what it meant when they said “travel mugs”, right? And traveling means traveling through any transportation system, including planes. But can you bring ceramic mugs on a plane?

You can bring your ceramic mugs on the plane as long as it is empty during the security check. Airport security systems do not allow any liquid during traveling anymore. Some airlines do not even allow hot or cold drinks even if you have bought them after the security check.

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So, is there a way to know all about the rules and regulations? Yes, the answer lies in today’s article. I’ve researched these issues and found some interesting and valuable information.

Can You Bring Ceramic Mugs on a Plane

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Can You Bring Ceramic Mugs On A Plane?

It is completely fine to take your ceramic mugs to a plane. However, there are always some restrictions.

While the airlines may not have anything against bringing ceramics to the plane, the securities can change the game. If the airport security staff decides against it, you may have to leave your favorite mug behind.

But remember that airport security and the airlines are two different things. While the airline can allow ceramic wares, there is nothing much to do if the airport decides against it.

Nevertheless, you can pass the security checkpoint as long as you are not carrying anything in the mug. It has to be empty. Airlines can allow you to carry hot or cold drinks in the mug if you have purchased them after passing the checkpoint. But I would suggest not getting your hopes up.

TSA Ceramics Rules

TSA or the Transportation Security Administration does not say anything specifically regarding ceramic mugs. But internet research was enough to find the essential information you need to know.

Carry On Luggage

A Twitter user asked the TSA if she could carry ceramic bowls, mugs, and canisters in a carry-on bag. In response, the TSA said that she could. It means you can bring your ceramic mug to a place on such bags.

Checked Luggage

According to a different internet search, you can carry ceramics in your luggage as well. Another person on Twitter asked TSA if they allow carrying ceramic coasters on the luggage, and TSA responded positively.

So you can carry your ceramic mug both on carry-on bags and hand luggage. But make sure to wrap the ceramic mug properly if you are carrying them in this way.

TSA Ceramics Restrictions

Even if TFA says nothing against bringing ceramics to a plane does not mean they will always allow you. There are a few restrictions regarding carrying ceramic, pottery, and porcelain wares.

The object’s shape can also create an issue. According to the TSA, you cannot carry ceramic or other pottery stuff if it has sharp edges or seems threatening. The security staff will automatically decline anything that looks like it can slash, bludgeon or cut people.

On the other hand, the TSA will not take responsibility for what you can or cannot carry while departing from another country. If you are unsure, you should discuss it with the airport or airline you will travel on.

How To Carry Ceramic In-Flight So That They Don’t Break

Airport baggage staff are not always kind when it comes to handling bags and luggage. You will be surprised to know how many people come forward to complain regarding damages.

You can never guarantee the safety of fragile objects. Nevertheless, here is a guideline with tips to carry ceramics so that they won’t break.

  • Roll your ceramics into kitchen rolls or papers. If you do not have them, you can use soft fabric, kitchen towels, bubble wraps or cushions, etc.
  • Place your ceramic in the middle of the bag or luggage. It is best to keep them between clothes. It protects the objects from sudden falls.
  • Bubble wraps are more suitable for ceramic objects. However, if you want to wrap square glass, use bubble cushions.

Tip: Attach a “Fragile” sticker on your checked luggage. Though there is not a lot of proof that it actually works, it is said that such baggage gets extra attention from the airport baggage handlers. So it is worth a try!

Why Is A Ceramic Mug Best For Air Travel?

I would not call a ceramic mug the best for air travel. But it does come with some exceptional advantages.

We all know how bad plastic is for our environment. Glasses are too fragile to take anywhere. And metals often fail through the security system. It leaves you with your only option: ceramic.

Though ceramics are comparatively heavier than other materials mugs, they are food safe.  Besides, ceramic mugs with lids prevent the drink from spilling anywhere.

And as they are heat-resistant and do not get hot as plastics or metals, you can carry them around easily. Moreover, bringing your own ceramic mug is more hygienic than in-flight tea or coffee cups and mugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Bring Your Own Coffee On A Plane?

Yes, some flights do allow you to bring your own coffee on the plane. However, according to international aviation law, it should not be more than 12 ounces. I would say it is safer to buy your coffee after going through the security check.

Q. Can You Put Your Ceramic Mug In A Checked-In Luggage?

Yes, you can put your ceramic mug in your checked-in luggage. If the mug has a lid, you need to wrap it separately. The security staff needs to ensure that you are not carrying anything inside it.

Final Words

Traveling on a plane can be stressful sometimes. And it is natural to question things. So can you bring ceramic mugs on a plane? The answer is still yes.

You can travel with your ceramic mug, but the airport security has to approve it first. Make sure you do not carry any ceramic mugs or wares that have sharp edges or look threatening. As long as you follow the rules and restrictions, you will be good to go.

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