50+ Ceramic Gift Ideas For Every Occasion

A gift can say a lot about someone’s taste and personality. It becomes essential to make sure you get the right gift regardless of who is to receive it. And nowadays, the type of gifts that have become more popular are the ceramic ones. So how many ceramic gift ideas do you have?

Ceramic gift items are endless. Ceramic is used everywhere, from mugs, plates, flower vases to photo frames and key rings. But you need to ensure that you are giving the right gift to that special person, whether it is a friend, family or someone else.

You may see lots of ceramic gift items everywhere. But which one is suitable for who or what occasion? I’ve prepared today’s article as a guideline to help you find the answers you are looking for.

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Ceramic Gift Ideas

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List Of Ceramic Gifts

Ceramic gifts come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. It is impossible to list every ceramic gift item available.

So I decided to make a list of the most popular yet unique gifts. Hopefully, you will get some ceramic gift ideas from here.

1. Ceramic Mug

If there is one ceramic gift item you will commonly find everywhere, it is a ceramic mug. It is the perfect gift for anyone, especially if that person is a coffee or tea addict.

Ceramic mugs are available in various shapes, colors, and designs. Many ceramic shops now allow you to customize mugs with your favorite colors, designs, artwork, or pictures.

2. Trinket Dishes

Trinket dishes are unique in their designs and uses. However, the most common use is keeping various items on them.

Think about the person you want to give it to. Would they like to keep keys, coins, rings, or other objects on a trinket dish? If the answer is yes, you can get these dishes to let the person add a pretty touch at their home.

3. Plate Sets

Ceramic plates never go out of style. In the same way, they never get ruled out of gift lists. Just like the ceramic mugs, there are many ceramic dishes set out there.

If the person is more into cookery items, a set of ceramic plates is the perfect gift. Many stores will allow you to get customized ceramic plate sets. So go through various options to see which one seems more appropriate.

4. Lamp

How many of us think about getting a ceramic lamp? That’s right! It is a suitable gift for any occasion, such as a birthday, wedding or anniversary.

Generally, ceramic lamps are a bit more expensive than regular lamps. But since we’re talking about gifts, if the price is not a problem, go for it! You will find plenty of options at a budget price.

5. Candle Holders

Does that person love decorating around the house? If yes, then it sounds like a ceramic candle holder is exactly what they might need. Ceramic candles are very aesthetic.

Some ceramic candle holders look like funnels and cups, while the others look more like vases. It is up to you to decide which ones will interest the person of your interest.

6. Flower Vase Or Pots

Is the person you want to purchase a ceramic gift for love green? If the person loves adding flowers as part of house decoration or enjoys gardening, they will love ceramic flower vases or pots.

If you are into DIY, you can make and design them yourselves. If not, there are hundreds of options available in both physical and online stores.

7. Piggy Bank

Kids love piggy banks! It is one of the best gifts you can get little ones and see the joy in their eyes. Other than being a beautiful gift, it also allows them to learn about savings.

Remember that a piggy bank doesn’t necessarily need to be pig-shaped. There are different shapes, such as horse, dragon, elephant, or unicorn-shaped ceramic banks, available as well.

8. Ornaments

Whether you want to mark a friendship or a relationship, ceramic ornaments can be a precious souvenir. It is a great way to mark a moment or memory.

Nothing beats a homemade ceramic ornament that tells a story. But don’t worry if you cannot do it yourself. You can find stores that will do the job for you.

9. Photo Frame

Photo frames are as precious as ornaments. You can gift a ceramic photo frame to anyone on any occasion.

Just like most other ceramic gift items, there are various designs available for ceramic photo frames. You can either purchase a set or a single frame.

10. Bookends

Oh boy! This is my favorite thing to talk about. Anyone who is a book nerd will understand how exciting it is to receive bookends. And if it is a ceramic one and a gift, they are going to freak out in excitement.

So here is a little tip for you from my personal experience. It would be best if you customized the bookends based on the person’s favorite book or character. You are going to thank me later.

Ceramic Gifts For Her

What could be the best ceramic gifts for the woman you love? I know the question alone is making your head spin. So, let’s look at a few interesting ceramic gift items that she may love.

1. Flower Vase

This is a well-appreciated gift by both men and women. However, women prefer a flower vase more than men do. It gives her another reason to add some of her favorite flowers in the bedroom or the dining table.

2. Hanging Planter

Does she love plants? Then why not get her a few ceramic hanging planters? They require low maintenance. So don’t worry about her being annoyed with you.

3. Jewelry

If she loves jewelry, ceramic jewelry sounds like a good idea.  Teardrop designs are more elegant in this regard. You can opt for chain style with royal blue color.

4. Cake Stand

Cooking is a hobby for both men and women. Some of us even love stress-baking. So getting one or a few ceramic cake stands doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Ceramic Gifts For Him

Men love gifts as much as women. They just don’t confess it. But you can get your man something special anyway. So what could be the perfect ceramic gift for him? Let’s check out.

1. Travel Mug

Have you considered getting him ceramic travel mugs? There are different types of such mugs, and each of them is unique from others. Consider something that comes with a tight lid and handles with a flexible grip.

2. Bath Set

If he loves outdoor activities, a ceramic bath set will be a life-saver. These sets usually come with a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, soap dish, etc. Some of these sets contain shampoo, soap, self-care kits, and more.

3. Utensil Holder

If your man loves cooking, get him utensil holders. It will make him happy and will also help your kitchen counter stay neat. So it is a win-win situation for both of you. On top of that, they come in handy as wine bottle chillers.

Ceramic Anniversary Gift Ideas

Is your anniversary getting near? My My! Time flies before you even know it. But have you thought of a gift for your partner yet? Check out the following ceramic gift ideas for your anniversary.

Ceramic Anniversary Gifts For Him

1. Mug Sets

Nowadays, couple mugs are becoming more and more popular. You can even personalize these mugs either with your names, anniversary dates, or other designs.

2. Shaving Bowl

Wet shaving has grown quite popular these days. Does he enjoy wet-shaving? If he does, you can get him a ceramic shaving bowl. Get a glossy black or orange color, which looks classier.

3. Guitar Picks

I bet this one came as a surprise. But yes, you can use ceramic picks for playing guitar. So I believe it can be a lovely anniversary surprise gift.

Ceramic Anniversary Gifts For Her

1. Personalized Flower Vase

Do you know the best thing about getting a flower vase with your anniversary date on it? She loves it, and you end up memorizing your anniversary date without her reminding you every year. But don’t forget to add some flowers as a gift with the vase.

2. Table Lamp

A beautiful ceramic table lamp adds more style to your home’s interior. Try getting something with a touch of rustic or vintage-looking design. Everyone loves a touch of vintage.

3. Ceramic Dishes

Those plates you received on your wedding day may need replacement after some years pass. So purchasing a new set of ceramic dishes can be another new step.

Ceramic Wedding Gift Ideas

Two people are finally getting together for life on a wedding day. So it becomes a responsibility to get them a perfect gift to celebrate and remember the day. These are some wonderful ceramic gifts for the soon-to-be-married couple.

1. Couple Mugs

For the future, Mr. and Mrs., you can get beautiful ceramic mugs with these exact titles written on them. These gifts are now more popular than ever.

2. Plate Sets

The lovebirds are starting a new life together. They will appreciate a beautiful set of ceramic plates. You can get them hand painted plates or get them personalized ones.

3. Photo Frames

Let the newlyweds frame their best moments with photo frames. Ceramic photo frames come in various elegant designs and colors. You can either select something modern or vintage-looking.

4. Wine Chiller

A bottle of wine will be gone in a matter of time. But a ceramic wine chiller will stay around a long time. One can also use it as a utensil holder. So you can say that it is a two-in-one gift.

Homemade Ceramic Gift Ideas

Creating something on your own brings a different type of satisfaction. And if it is something to do with clay work which you would give someone as a gift, the sense of accomplishment becomes double. Here is a list of ceramic gift ideas that you can make at home and also make someone happy.

1. Clay Ring Dish

Clay dishes are highly appreciated. Get them a few homemade clay dishes painted with glazes. They are very adorable and useful to keep rings or brackets.

2. Trinket Bowls

Trinket bowls are as pretty as glazed or painted dishes. To create a fashionable look, you can get a small ceramic plate and dip it partially into gold paint.

3. Painted Coasters

Try getting them circular ceramic coasters. Pick your favorite colors and design them. White coasters look classy with vibrant blue paints.

4. Key Ring

If you want to keep your gift smaller but easy to keep around, you can make key rings. You can monogram it with their favorite quote, name, or initials.

5. Pots

You can make several mini ceramic pots for flowers or plants. If the gifts are for kids, you can paint them using colorful patterns or designs.

6. Ornaments

How about ceramic ornaments? They are easy to make and design. Ceramic ornaments can become a perfect reminder of you to that person as they hand them for decoration in their bedroom or living room.

7. Jewelry

Yes, ceramic jewelry is actually a thing. A few pairs of small ear studs or bracelets sound perfectly fine to me.

Ceramic Gift Ideas For Kitchen

Nowadays, most kitchen cabinets are filled with ceramic kitchen wares. Why? Because everyone loves ceramic plates and bowls. It makes them more desirable as gifts. So, let’s get some ceramic gift ideas for the kitchen.

1. Dinnerware

Dinnerware says a lot about a person’s cooking and food serving style. Trust me! They do. And dinnerware includes dishes, salad plates, serving bowls, etc.

You can also add some side bowls and warmers if you want. Pick something uncommon, and the receiver will love it.

2. Tea/Coffee Upgrade

Tea or coffee mugs are another lovely addition to the kitchen. So if you want to go for mugs, try something unique. I usually go for either tall narrow shapes or mini-shaped cups and mugs.

And don’t limit yourself with mugs only. You can get beautiful ceramic teapots or honey pots as well.

3. Mixing Bowls

A person will always need more mixing bowls, especially if they love exploring different recipes. So what can be better than some unique mixing bowls? You can get them a set of such bowls of various sizes. They will appreciate it for sure.

4. Servers

Have you thought of servers? They are the perfect ceramic gifts for the kitchen. If you are choosing serving dishes, try going for eye-catching designs or art. You can go for splatter bowls or other floral prints.

5. Kitchen Keepers

Whether it is the onions, garlic, or something else, we know someone who keeps them unorganized. If you are to give a kitchen item to someone like that, get them, kitchen keepers. They also come in various beautiful designs and sizes.

Personalized Ceramic Gifts

Nothing feels better than receiving a personalized gift. It can be a breakfast set, a keyring, a photo frame, or even a necklace with your initials. These items are the best for people of any age, especially children.

1. Mugs/Cups

Everyone loves marking their favorite cups or mugs. So get them a personalized cup or mug to enjoy their tea/coffee times.

2. Plate/Breakfast Bowl

This one works very well with kids. You get them a plate or breakfast bowls with their names and see how they become fond of having food in them.

3. Necklace/Key Ring

Personalized necklaces and keyrings are the best ways to keep the gift closer. You can get their names or initials written on the pieces.

4. Name Tiles

Now it can be either street name, person’s name, or both. You will find various stores that will help you get personalized ceramic name tiles.

Ceramic Tile Gift Ideas

Lots of gifts are made from ceramic tiles. But which ones are more appreciated and loved? Here are a few such ceramic tile gifts.

1. Coasters

Coasters are my favorite type of ceramic tile gifts. You can hand-paint these coasters with various artworks, or you can purchase them. A set of excellent tile coasters make tea/coffee times more aesthetic.

2. Name Tiles

Some shops allow you to personalized names on ceramic tiles. It can be both a person’s name or a street name.

3. Hand painted Tile

Add a personal touch to the gift with your creativity. You can paint on the ceramic tile and give it an entirely new look. It can be landscape artwork, portraits, or random patterns.

4. Ornaments

Yes, ceramic tile ornaments can be counted as gifts. To give this gift a unique style, try going for different shapes.

5. Necklace/Bracelet

A necklace with a ceramic pendant is both stylish and a perfect souvenir. Ceramic bracelets are also available for purchase.

6. Photo Print

Modern technology allows you to print photos on ceramic tiles. It is a perfect alternative for photo frames. You can get the person’s photo printed on the tiles, or you can choose to print their paw friend’s photo. I would go for the latter.

7. Wall Decor

You can get a set of wall decor as a gift. There are patterns, artwork, or landscape ceramic tile decor available in the market.

Gift Ideas For Ceramic Artists

Just as a book nerd becomes happy when you give them a book or book-related items, artists go nuts when you give them things related to their work. So it is not rocket science to figure out what to get them. But hold on!

Artists already have their basic and special tools. So what else can you get them? I would say you can get them anything you want because it is the thoughts that count. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of gift ideas for any ceramic artist.

1. Ribbon Tool Set

Ribbon tools are essential for any ceramic artist for detailed works. Usually, ribbon tool sets contain several different tools. It is not necessary to grab a set with the largest number of kits. Pick a set that seems good enough for an artist.

2. Clay Drill

This is an inexpensive gift yet very effective for an artist. These drills are helpful to create small holes in the ceramic pieces. And they are also easy to clean.

3. Precision Applicator

These applicators are another bunch of essential tools for an artist. It helps them apply various liquids on different material surfaces. It is a handy tool to design ceramic items.

4. Full-Size Apron

Aprons are a must for ceramic artists, whether they are working with clay or painting on them. Consider getting them a full-size apron with split legs. Cotton aprons are usually comfortable and easily washable.

5. Hand Cream/Scrubber

Clay works can take tolls on your skin if you do not care for them regularly. It can get worse during the winter times. So I believe your friend would appreciate a hand cream, lotion or scrubbers.

6. Tool Bag

If you are not sure about getting any particular tool or toolset, a tool bag is always a suitable gift for an artist. Usually, these tool bags contain multiple pockets of different sizes. Your artist friend is bound to love such a gift.

7. Book On Pottery/Ceramic

If the person is a newbie or an intermediate artist, they can always get help from books on pottery or ceramic arts. Books like Amazing Glaze, Clay, The Ceramic Bible, or Mastering the Potter’s Wheel are some of the best books for any ceramic artist.


What else can you get for your artist friend? The list can go on, but let’s move to something different.

If you would rather choose something more unique, try getting the artist some magazines or ceramic works. You can also try getting them a set of classes in a ceramic studio to enhance their skills or get a ceramic work-related tour and conferences.

Final Words

Have you got your ceramic gift ideas yet? As you can see, there are uncountable options available. But a few gifts are repeated as they are more popular and receivers love them more.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is to know what that person you want to give the gift likes. Knowing the preference makes everything easier.

Homemade ceramic gifts mean something more personal and a closer relationship. But if homemade ceramic gifts are not your thing, feel free to browse through physical or online stores. You will find more options there.

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