Does Ceramic Break Easily?

Ceramics are dried and fired at a high-temperature kiln to make them very hard. Unfortunately, that does not eliminate all the pores or make them invincible. But does ceramic break easily?

Ceramic or ceramic items can break if they suffer from heavy or extreme force. Burning the ceramic in the fire makes it super hard, but it does not last like metal without breaking, especially if it falls with force. And most of the time, when a ceramic item breaks, it originates from a pore. Ceramics with larger pores are more prone to breakages.

Most ceramics can resist heat, while a huge number of them resist scratches as well. But if they fall on a hard surface, such as a tile or floor, they are likely to break. But are all ceramic items brittle or breakable?

I will answer this and a few more questions in the rest of this article. So if you want to find out, I urge you to dive in and cross the finish line to find out.

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Does Ceramic Tile Break Easily?

You can barely think of a modern home without the idea of tiles in it. You can use them on your house floor, even on the walls of your bathrooms and the kitchens.

Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are very popular in this regard. However, ceramic tiles have their separate fanbase here. Nowadays, many people choose ceramic tiles for their homes, offices, and other places.

The ceramic tiles are very smooth and hard. Such tiles ensure no dirt, dust, or other particles stick on the surface, making it easier to keep them clean. Moreover, anything that falls on such tiles will stand out, which allows you to spot it immediately.

Now, let’s move to the most important question: does ceramic tile break easily?

Ceramic tiles are manufactured and designed to resist high impacts. They are hard, strong, and durable enough to last hundreds of years if installed and maintained correctly.

I’m talking about installation and maintenance because the tiles might lose their strength if one goes wrong. If the underlayment of the tiles is not done correctly, they will end up with air pockets. And if anything heavy falls on such areas with a heavier force, the tiles are likely to crack or break.

But do not worry too much about it as such occurrences are not very common. And fixing cracked or broken tiles is not always a challenging job.

Does Ceramic Plates Break Easily?

When it comes to dinnerware, the first thing that comes to our mind is ceramic dinnerware. Ceramic as dinnerware or plates comes with many advantages.

First of all, ceramic plates are versatile. They come in a lot of beautiful shapes and designs. Such plates are very easy to clean, no matter what you eat on them.

Besides, the food stays out on ceramic plates. It means there is barely any need for the fetch games between your cutleries and food. On top of that, many of them are microwave or ovenproof, which allows you to make or heat food in them.

And some people will not use ceramic plates for dining only. They are often used for artwork and decoration purposes. But whatever your goal is, you would want to ensure these plates do not get damaged or broken.

That’s right! Even if ceramic is a durable material and even if the plates are fired and glazed, they are still fragile.

Ceramics used for making plates are usually fired at a high temperature to make them durable and hard enough to handle the weight. However, ceramic plates are thin because they need to be lightweight. This feature makes such plates fragile, and one light fall can break them easily.

Moreover, if there is a construction fault, that can also lead to breakage. For example, if the ceramic plate has a crack as small as a microscopic one, that can end up with breakage due to the slightest pressure.

Ceramic plates can also break due to sudden temperature changes, especially if you put them in a microwave or an oven. So make sure the plate is 100% ovenproof before doing so.

Does Ceramic Mugs Break Easily?

When you think about purchasing ceramic plates, you usually think about buying a set of plates. On the other hand, ceramic mugs often carry a more personal touch. That is why many of us choose a mug that looks different than everyone else’s in the family. At least that’s what I do.

Besides, who doesn’t want to enjoy a mug of hot tea or coffee in their own mug? And no other type of mug will ensure your tea or coffee stay warm for the longest time except a ceramic mug. Moreover, if the mug is overproof or microwave proof, you can use it for more than just drinking purposes.

Like most other ceramic items, ceramic mugs are fired at a higher temperature. The layers make them strong and heavy at the same time.

Having two ceramic layers allows the mug to keep anything in it warm for a long time. But the added weight is a drawback, especially if the mug has a handle. The weight of the mug often causes the mug to break from its handle.

And as hard as a ceramic mug can be, it can still break if it crashes with something hard or falls on the floor. If you can keep these things from happening, ceramic mugs can last a decade or more.

If you plan to use the mug for heating in the microwave or bake mug cakes, it is best to go with high heat-resistant or ovenproof ceramic mugs. If not, the microwave or the oven temperature can crack or break it easily.

Does Ceramic Watch Break Easily?

Ceramic watches have been trendy for the last several years. They have also become manufacturers’ top choice because they are more durable and have high resistance to scratches. Top brands like Omega, Bell & Ross, and many others manufacture high-quality ceramic watches.

Most of us are used to seeing metal watches. They do not break, but the material makes the watch heavier. That’s why more people opt for ceramic watches, which are lightweight.

As robust and durable as a ceramic watch is, it also has a downside. This type of watch can break if it falls. It is tough to say precisely how much force can do the damage. But it has been seen that a fall from a bit high distance can shatter the ceramic of the glass.

And like many other breakable ceramic objects, it is nearly impossible to fix a broken ceramic watch. You have to replace it, which can be expensive.

You can try getting such a cracked or broken ceramic watch refinished. But it is unlikely that the watch will be the same again.

Why Does Ceramic Break Glass So Easily?

Before I answer this question, let’s hope you are not planning any mischief. But if you are here for a good reason, you can carry on reading more.

People often use ceramic spark plugs to break the glass. To be more specific, they are used to break car window glasses.

The spark plugs are heavier than regular stones or rocks because they are aluminum oxide ceramics. These plugs are small but have a pointy area. Throw a few spark plugs and see how easily glasses break into pieces.

But you can use only ceramic pieces instead of spark plugs to break any such glass. The reason ceramic does the job so easily is because they are hard and heavy. And a broken ceramic piece tends to have sharp edges, making the task simpler.

How Breakable Is Ceramic?

Potters make ceramic from clay and then fire it at a medium to high temperature, based on the item that needs to be made. Firing the ceramic in a kiln absorbs the water in the clay and hardens it.

It makes the ceramic durable and makes it suitable to be glazed. But even this aesthetic and classy material can break very easily if you do not handle it carefully. So the answer to the question is that ceramic is easily breakable.


Q. Is Broken Ceramic Sharp?

Yes, broken ceramic is sharp and can cut through certain things. However, they are not as sharp as freshly broken glasses. Ceramics are multi-crystalline, which keeps their sharpness limited.

Broken glasses, on the other hand, are very dangerous and can cause serious injury. This is why ceramic knives are not heavily used like traditional steel knives because they can be dull and break over time.


Ceramic and ceramic items have been around for centuries. From electronic item parts to cookware items, ceramic is used almost everywhere. That’s why it is more important to learn the answer to the question: does ceramic break easily?

And now you know that despite being one of the hardest and strongest materials, ceramic can break pretty easily, especially if it suffers from a fall or collides with something harder. But if you can ensure your favorite ceramic item does not face any such incident, it can last many years.

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